Philadelphia 76ers: Falling Short, and Moving Forward

Facing Boston in the second round felt like a true lose-lose situation. Win and everybody says Boston wasn’t at full strength. Lose and everybody mocks this prematurely anointed 76ers squad. The hype felt out of control. Everything seemed to be happening so fast. One week, the 76ers take out the Miami Heat, becoming Eastern Conference […]

It’s The Freaking Postseason

The 76ers made the NBA Finals 17 years ago. Since then, Philadelphia has played nine playoff series, losing seven of them. Saturday night the 76ers will host their first Game 1 since April 20, 2003. Head coach Brett Brown says star center Joel Embiid won’t play that game. But Wells Fargo Center promises to rock […]

Are playoffs possible?

In reality the playoffs are possible, especially since Philadelphia presently sits 5.5 games out of the eight seed. But it’s highly unlikely Philadelphia makes the playoffs this season. Last night’s win against Toronto, however, feels like a validation for the Philadelphia 76ers. The Raptors played their second game in as many nights, but Kyle Lowry […]

Review: Boys Among Men

Grantland was the best website to read basketball stories. Zach Lowe wrote detailed explanations about a team’s make-up, specifically their offensive and defensive tendencies and philosophies. Bill Simmons wrote extended commentary about what kind of mark a certain player would leave. Jonathan Abrams wrote stories about the successes and failures of several NBA players. He […]


Last night’s Thunder-Warriors game had a bit of everything. The Warriors scored 73 first half points. Oklahoma City wanted to guard the 3-point line, which they did, but unfortunately the Thunder didn’t do a good job at individual or team defense in the first 24 minutes. Stephen Curry used a couple picks to find a […]

The Preview

Miami vs. San Antonio I’m anxiously awaiting Zach Lowe’s NBA Finals preview. I expect it to be released tomorrow as his usual weekly Tuesday column, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t released until Wednesday or Thursday. I’ll post my tonight, and I’ll include my five impact players along with a winner […]