Boban the 76er (Tobias, too)

It’s a trade that seemingly came out of nowhere. Reports afterwards indicated that for months Philadelphia had been enamored with Tobias Harris. At 26, Harris fits in line with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. His skillset as an efficient, medium-volume shooter should complement Simmons, Embiid and Jimmy Butler perfectly. Here’s a 6-9 wing who doesn’t […]

And another one but at least the 76ers will be on TV

It’s never the same time of year. It’s sometimes the same injury. Top draft picks for the 76ers miss games their rookie season. Zhaire Smith became the latest victim to one of the stranger curses in basketball, fracturing his foot earlier this week. Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid were hurt when the 76ers drafted them. […]

“We Are Star Hunting…”

Brett Brown inspired a ton of confidence during his presser following the first round of the 2018 NBA Draft Thursday night. “We are star hunting,” said the man who couldn’t foresee being in this position five weeks ago. In what’s most likely his only draft as “final decision-maker” for the 76ers, Brown made a statement, […]

Philadelphia 76ers: Falling Short, and Moving Forward

Facing Boston in the second round felt like a true lose-lose situation. Win and everybody says Boston wasn’t at full strength. Lose and everybody mocks this prematurely anointed 76ers squad. The hype felt out of control. Everything seemed to be happening so fast. One week, the 76ers take out the Miami Heat, becoming Eastern Conference […]

It’s The Freaking Postseason

The 76ers made the NBA Finals 17 years ago. Since then, Philadelphia has played nine playoff series, losing seven of them. Saturday night the 76ers will host their first Game 1 since April 20, 2003. Head coach Brett Brown says star center Joel Embiid won’t play that game. But Wells Fargo Center promises to rock […]


It wasn’t supposed to happen this fast. All of this success. Sure, nothing has really been won yet. But 50 wins? Fifty wins means something. Fifty wins for just the second time since 1990. It’s a benchmark. A talking point for fanbases to argue and dissect. Tuesday night, the 76ers go for 51. And then […]

The Markelle Fultz Saga

I rarely participated in the Markelle Fultz discussion. I saw the videos posted on Reddit and Twitter. The footage of the top pick in the draft forgetting how to shoot a basketball. But I rarely entertained them. Not that I didn’t care. Of course I cared. But I wanted to pretend everything would be just […]

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons won’t find out if he’s Rookie of the Year until June. Donovan Mitchell is his biggest challenger, his only challenger actually. After Simmons sprinted to a sizable lead in October, there didn’t seem to be any sort of competition. Mitchell, however, has made things more interesting than previously imagined. This isn’t a post […]