It wasn’t supposed to happen this fast. All of this success. Sure, nothing has really been won yet. But 50 wins? Fifty wins means something. Fifty wins for just the second time since 1990. It’s a benchmark. A talking point for fanbases to argue and dissect. Tuesday night, the 76ers go for 51. And then […]

Joel Embiid, five* more years

He made his NBA debut almost a year ago. The atmosphere was electric. You could feel something special in the making. I was there with my cousins Mike and Pat. The game had everything. It was Russell Westbrook’s first game without Kevin Durant following a dramatic summer. It had a doctor flip off Westbrook with not just […]

76ers at the All-Star Break

Even though the Philadelphia 76ers completed 64.6 percent of the season after last Wednesday’s numbing loss to Sacramento, the All-Star Break presents the best opportunity to discuss the team’s season.The 76ers faced different hurdles throughout the first part of the season. From a specific player point of view, the biggest first half story was Jahlil […]