Playoff Push

Playoff Push

The 76ers won their 35th game Tuesday night against the Hornets. The last time Philadelphia won at least 35 games in a season was lockout-shortened 2011-2012. With 19 games to go, the 76ers have an opportunity to surpass their highest win total since 2004-2005 when they won 43 games. In 2002-2003, the 76ers won 48 [...]

NBA Draft: Mock No. 1

I'll post four of these between now and June 26. The first one will only feature the 14 lottery teams, but I'll breakdown why each player fits that team. 1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Joel Embiid, Kansas C The Cavs have passed up on Jonas Valanciunas, Andre Drummond and Nerlens Noel in recent drafts. Cleveland couldn't [...]

NBA Second Round Preview

I should have never made a full playoff prediction. I should have been patient and simply done a round-by-round preview. Although my NBA Finals is still intact (Miami/San Antonio), I only correctly picked one second round matchup (Oklahoma City/Los Angeles). Basically, I did awful. I'm happy I wrongly selected Chicago over Washington though because I'm [...]