Thoughts about Philadelphia’s reported trades

It’s not the off-season until the Eagles do something drastic. Not that trading away DeMarco Murray, Kiko Alonso and Bryon Maxwell was the most drastic thing the Eagles have done, but it literally wiped away everything Chip Kelly did his lone year as general manager. It hasn’t been reported what exactly Philadelphia received for trading away those three players, but the return doesn’t really matter because getting Murray and Maxwell’s contracts off their salary cap was essential, especially since the Eagles need to pay Fletcher Cox. For once, I hope the Eagles don’t sign any big name players this off-season, or at least overspend on players. The Eagles should use the draft picks that the Titans and Dolphins give them to strengthen their roster through the draft. Obviously they’ll address some question marks in free agency; they even signed former Buffalo Bill cornerback Leodis McKelvin this afternoon. Former Jim Schwartz players will want to play in Philadelphia because of the success those players had in his system. That’s the beautiful thing of having good, accomplished coach on your staff, players who had success with that coach want to be where that coach is.

Last week the Eagles re-signed Sam Bradford with a contract that favors the Eagles. Howie Roseman has been fantastic in the past with the salary cap, but it’s yet to be seen if he’s learned from draft blunders in the past. Given the Eagles flexibility by trading Murray and Maxwell will only benefit the Eagles moving forward. Both underperformed in their lone seasons in Philadelphia, which was the major reason why many people assumed the Eagles were stuck with them for at least one more season. It wouldn’t made sense to cut either of them yet, so to get anything in return, in addition to shedding the majority of their contracts, is remarkable.

The Eagles should address the running back situation in the draft. Ryan Mathews, assuming he’s not traded, is a darn good starting back, but his unfortunate injury history requires the Eagles to bring in another talented back. And even if the Eagles part ways with Mathews, which would nearly eliminate every Kelly-acquired player, the draft has a number of good running back prospects.


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