Joel Embiid, five* more years

He made his NBA debut almost a year ago. The atmosphere was electric. You could feel something special in the making. I was there with my cousins Mike and Pat. The game had everything. It was Russell Westbrook’s first game without Kevin Durant following a dramatic summer. It had a doctor flip off Westbrook with not just […]

Future 76er Josh Jackson?

I didn’t watch the lottery. Work got in the way of seeing the genius Sam Hinkie trade from two years ago come into fruition. The Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia swapped picks. It’s a beautiful thing to have happened. Of course one of my best friends cheers for the Celtics while the other loves the Lakers. […]

The End of Jahlil Okafor

Rarely are top-three picks traded two seasons into a career. It just doesn’t happen. Jahlil Okafor will be traded today or tomorrow or some day soon it appears. The likely destination seems to be New Orleans, and the return doesn’t fit Okafor’s value just 18 months ago. But lots of things changed over that time period. […]

Are playoffs possible?

In reality the playoffs are possible, especially since Philadelphia presently sits 5.5 games out of the eight seed. But it’s highly unlikely Philadelphia makes the playoffs this season. Last night’s win against Toronto, however, feels like a validation for the Philadelphia 76ers. The Raptors played their second game in as many nights, but Kyle Lowry […]

The Return of Ben Simmons: It might be next week

It’s unclear when Ben Simmons will return. Yesterday the league announced Philly’s game against Houston next Friday night will be changed to 8 p.m. on ESPN. Moments later Simmons posted this on Instagram:  He’s coming soon, but could this mean Simmons will make his debut on national television as originally scheduled in October? Brett Brown prematurely […]

The Process drops 20 in debut

Wednesday night was surreal for many reasons. It’s easy to build things up just for it to blow up in your face. It’s easy to get excited looking forward to something only for it to come crashing down. Joel Embiid didn’t disappoint in his first ever NBA game. The place was loud. The fans chanting […]

Joel Embiid’s first NBA game

Joel Embiid plays his first real professional basketball game tonight. Philadelphia will probably lose because they happen to be the first victims of the Russell Westbrook revenge tour, but just having No. 21 on the court in a game that counts will be wonderful to see. It’s been 970 days since Embiid played a game […]