Twelve Albums of 2019

Earlier this month, I stopped by the library like I’ve done plenty of times before. I find solace in the library’s stillness.  I don’t spend a bulk of my free time there or anything. At least once a week, however, I find myself there. Either checking out a book, renewing one to maintain a literary […]

Markelle Fultz, A Goner

The day I turned 25 the Philadelphia 76ers traded for the first pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. It felt too good to be true. Ben Simmons would begin his rookie season months from then. Joel Embiid would be healthy after dominating his first 31 games, too. Philadelphia needed a third young stud to pair […]

Boban the 76er (Tobias, too)

It’s a trade that seemingly came out of nowhere. Reports afterwards indicated that for months Philadelphia had been enamored with Tobias Harris. At 26, Harris fits in line with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. His skillset as an efficient, medium-volume shooter should complement Simmons, Embiid and Jimmy Butler perfectly. Here’s a 6-9 wing who doesn’t […]

My Favorite Movies of 2018. All of them

I planned to post this list before the new year began, but I unexpectedly had off the entire week between Christmas and New Year’s, and I took advantage by refusing to open up my laptop for days. There were a handful of movies I wanted but failed to see during 2018. Luckily there’s still plenty […]

Nick Foles, Back Where He Belongs

This Eagles season had been a miserable one up until three weeks ago. Every game had seemingly played out the same way. The offense looked lifeless in the first quarter. The defense blew second halves. It wasn’t until Nick Foles created magic in Los Angeles Dec. 16 when things became interesting. A little help along […]

My Favorite Albums of 2018

Later this month I’ll write about my favorite movies of 2018. It’s this whole ordeal with rankings and insight and whatever else. I’ll include trailers and possibly pictures, too. The past few years I’ve written about my five favorite films from the given year, but I’m feeling a bit advantageous this year. I’ll rank every […]

Jimmy Buckets

It’s a fresh start for Jimmy Butler in Philadelphia. Nobody cares what happened in Chicago and Minnesota if Butler plays hard, gels with his teammates and helps lead the 76ers deep into the postseason. To give the 76ers a chance. Butler said all of the right things during Tuesday’s press conference. He spoke highly of […]