All-Star Break All-NBA Teams

Despite numerous injuries, the first half of basketball had some great moments. Kevin Durant’s January was exciting, LeBron’s buzzer beater last night was fun and  the Philadelphia Sixers 3-0 start seems like ages ago, but we made it to the All-Star break. Here’s my three All-NBA Teams as of Feb. 13, 2014.

First Team:

G: John Wall- Yes, I am picking Wall over Stephen Curry. Wall is a better rebounder, defender, finisher, distributor.

G: Paul George- Although George has really struggled as of late (and George plays small forward), there’s no one else who has put numbers like he did during the first half of the season.

F: Kevin Durant- MVP if the season ended today.

F: LeBron James- Luckily for LeBron the season does not end today, so yeah he’ll catch Durant.

C:  Dwight Howard- Best all-around center in the NBA.

Second Team: 

G: Stephen Curry-Arguably the best point guard in the first half.

G: James Harden- He’s been solid. should be better on defense.

F: Carmelo Anthony- He has been great in some games, and so-so in others.

F: Blake Griffin- Would be a first teamer if it were not for Durant/James

C: Joakim Noah- D.J. Augustin starts for the Bulls, and they are 4th in the east.

Third team:

G: Tony Parker-A Spur needs to be somewhere

G: Damien Lillard- Dragic could be here, but Lillard deserves it.

F: LaMarcus Aldridge- Incredible player

F: Kevin Love-Man, I wish this season could have started differently for Minnesota

C: Roy Hibbert- If only he could play Miami every night. Would be GOAT.

Notable snubs: Goran Dragic, Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Millsap, Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, Chris Bosh, Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan.

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