Are we all just celery?

Boy Meets World has giving me great ideals. I’ve learned friendship, love, family values because of that show. Every now and again I’ll put it on my TV and reminisce on the good times. Cory Matthews is that average human being. He has only a few good people in his life (I’m sure he’d have more if it wasn’t a 30-minute sitcom.) He went to an average college. He didn’t play sports (besides for the “B” basketball team during Season 1) and he didn’t have any notable achievements. One picture of Boy Meets World depicts Cory as average better than any situation. The celery picture. Cory grows upset because his sister has a new friend who is a ridiculously talented painter. Cory feels like a failure. He feels like the reason why he is the way he is was because his father never did anything remarkable that his father was OK with being “normal.” As Cory says this, I wonder if we are all just celery?

Tasteless, watery vegetables most commonly used as a sidekick to Buffalo wings.


I think everyone has a calling. I think everyone has something that they do well. Sometimes, though, we either don’t know or fail to acknowledge what we do well–and that is when we feel like celery.

We feel disconnected or uninteresting. We feel broken or lost. We feel outdated or dull.

We feel like failures

And that feeling sucks.

No one has the keys to life. No one knows exactly what words should be said. No one knows everything (although some believe they do.)

That’s why we’re alive. We eat, sleep, drink. We go to school, go to work and hang with friends. We do good things and we do bad things. And bad things happen to good people just as good things happen to bad people. Because none of us have the answers.

Because none of us should have any answers.

The next time you feel like celery remember someone else feels like celery, too.

Because someone feels lost, broken, alone and confused.

But that’s what you’re supposed to feel like sometimes.

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