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A Playlist for February 2020

Somehow, it’s the end of February. It’s a bit cliché to begin any conversation with this idea that time is fleeting. Even though it often feels like it is. I’m making it a priority to write more on this website. It’s not that difficult to sit down for an hour and write about interesting things,

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Not Much Is Better Than Music: A Playlist

It’s always refreshing to hear new music. During college I tried to expose myself to new artists on a regular basis. For an unexplainable reason I lost that briefly. This year I’ve reverted in a major way, discovering the likes of Caroline Rose, MorMor and Let’s Eat Grandma. There’s nothing like hearing a song that

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Previewing Bonnaroo

Here’s Kirk Windus and mine Bonnaroo Preview. We are heading down Thursday, and will have plenty of content over at WSBUFM.NET. Joe The Buzz is road tripping to Tennessee! Thanks to Bonnaroo, we will be covering the annual music festival in Manchester. Over 125 artists, comedians and performers will be at hand during this four-day

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