Big Red Machine

Big Red Machine

Meaningful music happens whenever Justin Vernon has his hands involved in a project. It’s just the way it is. There are certain artists that I have gravitated towards, and Vernon ranks at the top. Lyrically, Vernon always crushes it. He puts you in a sobering mood filled with thoughts about all sorts of things. He [...]

Soccer Mommy

You remember specifically hearing a particular musician for the first time, understanding almost instantly they’d play a meaningful role in your life. Listening to Bon Iver and Haim provided that feeling. Recently I heard another artist that fit that description. There have been a handful of songs mostly during college where I experienced a similar [...]

Summer of Concerts

The summer of 2014 will be remembered for all the great bands I had the opportunity to see in concert. Bonnaroo hooked the Buzz up with two free passes to their 13th annual festival. Manchester, Tennessee is where I saw the majority of the acts this summer. But I also saw Haim in Philadelphia and [...]

Previewing Bonnaroo

Here's Kirk Windus and mine Bonnaroo Preview. We are heading down Thursday, and will have plenty of content over at WSBUFM.NET. Joe The Buzz is road tripping to Tennessee! Thanks to Bonnaroo, we will be covering the annual music festival in Manchester. Over 125 artists, comedians and performers will be at hand during this four-day [...]