A Playlist for February 2020

Somehow, it’s the end of February. It’s a bit cliché to begin any conversation with this idea that time is fleeting. Even though it often feels like it is.

I’m making it a priority to write more on this website. It’s not that difficult to sit down for an hour and write about interesting things, at least interesting to one person. The goal is to write at least four original posts a month. This post officially meets the February quota, by the way. I’ll sprinkle in some thoughts on movies and television shows to go along with the occasional sports commentary. Incidentally, it’s been about a year and a half since I wrote this short story.  I plan on sharing more short stories moving forward—a truly terrifying but weirdly hopeful thing to consider.

Writing about music will be most constant. Every month I’ll share the 13 songs I liked most through a link to a Spotify playlist. I swear I didn’t purposely start with this month, specifically this week when Phoebe Bridgers released her first solo song in a few years, but it worked that way. Her single ‘Garden Song’ arrived the other day, and it delivers a poignant, tranquil feel to it in a matter only a few artists can rival.

All month long I’ve been adding songs to a playlist that I have now whittled down to the lucky thirteen. Take it as a snapshot of the month of music in the indie/indie pop spectrum. Aside from the established artists that have consistently been in my rotation, this exercise is an opportunity to learn new artists to appreciate. One caveat is only one song per artist.

Here’s the soundtrack creatively called February 2020.

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