The Eagles Hire a New Coach

Three years ago to the day the Philadelphia Eagles advanced to the Super Bowl they’ve reportedly hired the replacement of the guy who led them there.

Nobody really knows anything when it comes to coaching hires. I won’t repeat what’s been said before.  I was firmly in the “anyone but Josh McDaniels” camp. Although, I preferred Duce Staley.

Nick Sirianni is the guy. He’s a Gemini, so he can’t be that bad.

Many reports have surfaced over the past couple weeks involving Doug Pederson, Carson Wentz and the Eagles’ organization. A recent one, from Paul Domowitch of The Philadelphia Inquirer, outlined why Wentz could be a reason the Eagles wouldn’t make Staley their head coach.  

With Wentz clearly still in the plans, hiring Sirianni makes senses. His vast experience as a QB and WR coach in addition to serving as an offensive coordinator shouts reassurance.

Howie Roseman isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. For many, that’s seen as a negative about the job. It’s interesting that more people point to Roseman for the recent franchise failures than Pederson. I mean they’re both at fault, for sure. As is Wentz. I understand how Jeffrey Lurie’s press conference announcing Pederson’s firing was off putting as he neglected to cast blame on Roseman.

In the long run, Roseman needs to prove he’s capable. The 2021 draft (and how Jalen Reagor looks in 2021) will go a long way. His arrogance has hurt the Eagles too many times. Some of his draft picks have been downright awful, or at least the process behind them has been. But as a whole the offense has been too unimaginative, too stagnant to succeed in today’s NFL, which warranted a coaching change.

Sirianni should help immediately by installing an offense that works, that makes the quarterback’s job easier. Ideally, that’s why he’s been hired.

There’s a five-minute video from 2018 before Sirianni even began his first season in Indianapolis.

One of the plays, from Sirianni’s time with the Chargers, happens in 2016—it’s a drag route that gives Tyrell Williams the ball in space, resulting in a 44-yard touchdown. Philadelphia’s offense has felt dull. It’s not genius to get the ball to your best playmakers in space, but it’s a start. It’s necessary. The other two plays he highlights are from the Eagles Super Bowl season. His ties to former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich cannot be overstated enough. It’s probably one of the main reasons why he’s now Philadelphia’s head coach. Of course, Reich’s relationship with Wentz has been well known. But you hope that’s not the only reason Sirianni is being hired.

You assume Wentz will be the guy. That’s what’s been reported, anyway. With the way Jalen Hurts played it should be an open competition, however. But it’s safe to think that Wentz will be back as the starter. Still, Sirianni’s job is to coach the Philadelphia Eagles, not hold Wentz’ hand. Normally, opening press conferences for head coaches are glorified pep rallies, but whenever Sirianni speaks to the media everybody will want to know his opinion of Philadelphia’s quarterback situation.

The Eagles have bet on competency. Philadelphia finished 28th in offensive DVOA in 2020 with Indianapolis finishing 12th. (Philadelphia had the 14th best offense according to DVOA in 2019, compared to Indianapolis at 19, but it’s hard to blame the Colts given Andrew Luck retired two weeks before the season began). It’s Reich’s offense, for sure, but based on numerous reports, Sirianni had a major say in the game plan and type of plays Reich called.

Like any head coaching hire, it’s the concurrent moves that matter nearly as much. Pairing Reich and Jim Schwartz with Pederson proved itself in a major way in 2016. It’s curious who they hire this time.

With most new hires, enthusiasm suddenly creeps into view.  This isn’t an exception.

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