First playlist of 2014

I’ll try to post at least a playlist a month. Just a dozen or so tracks that I think people should listen to because everyone always says, “today’s music sucks.” Well, I don’t want people to say that. Today’s music doesn’t suck. Yeah, it’s not Led Zepplin or The Beatles. But it’s still awesome. It’s still definitely worth having a listen. I might do this more than once a month because I sometimes get bored, or overly excited to share good music with some friends or strangers.

1. Tether by CHVRCHES

2. Miami (live) by Counting Crows

3. Draw Us All by The Susan Constant

4. Peace Out by Say Anything

5. Things Will Change by Treetop Flyers

6. Living Room Song by The Wonder Years

7. Running If You Call My Name by HAIM

8. The Habit by Lissie

9. Remains by Matt Pond

10. I Need My Girl by The National

11. Ghost by Sir Sly

12. Winter Trees by Tallahassee

Thank you Daytrotter, RSL Blog, among others.

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