122 Days

It’s been 122 days since I posted on here. I’ve written a bit, but mostly letters to my girlfriend. It’s weird not being at school. It’s weird not writing about the women’s basketball team. I thought I’d easily adjust to graduating, but I really haven’t done a great job. I think I needed a break to clear my mind. I took a step back. Read a book called Mindset. Read another about building a brand. Ran over 100 miles from September through December. I needed to refresh. I’m ready to write again. I’m ready to share my thoughts.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Nothing ever happens overnight. It takes time. It takes commitment. It mostly takes patience. I grew tired of things. I ran out of patience on the simplest of tasks. For the longest time I had a fixed mindset. I believed people were born smart or not smart. That’s a terrible way to think about things. Yeah, your passed down certain traits. But you can work on things. You can always become smarter. You can always improve your skills. Hard work helps. Hard work creates opportunities. Hard work matters.  People in a fixed mindset don’t embrace failure; they avoid it at all costs. They play it safe. They don’t challenge themselves. I want to develop a growth mindset. I want to set goals and do whatever I can to achieve them. That doesn’t happen overnight. It’s developed over time. It’s habitual. You don’t just wake up one day and expect things to change.

I’ll write today. I’ll write tomorrow. And then I’ll wake up in a month having written every day. It’ll become a habit.

It’s been four months since my last post. I wrote about Counting Crows then. Adam Duritz has always been my biggest writing influence. I remember writing in my 8th grade yearbook that I wanted to be an actor or a song writer when I grew up. I’m not going to be an actor, and I sure as hell can’t write music, but I’m definitely going to be a writer. I already am one.

Tonight I plan on watching the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors. They’re the two best teams in basketball, and this is their first time playing all season. I’m going to watch without distractions. Just me and the television. Tomorrow I’m going to write my thoughts about the game. Did the Spurs put Kawhi Leonard on Draymond Green? What line-up did the Spurs use most often? Did the Warriors use their “death” line-up with Draymond Green at center?

This blog will serve several purposes. Mainly, I’ll write about basketball. But as you read throughout this post, I’ll write about personal growth. I’ll write about whatever I’d like. I’ll take chances because I’m not afraid of failure. I used to worry about what people thought. But the late David Foster Wallace brilliantly once said, “You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.”

I’m ready to share my thoughts again. I’m ready.


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