A Farewell to Bonaventure

This weekend marks the beginning of the end. One final semester, and it’s over. No more classes. No more basketball games. No more drinking. No more anything as undergraduates at St. Bonaventure University. Everything has to end eventually, and in 122 days Bonaventure ends. I wrote about beginning senior year last August, and that felt like yesterday. These days will absolutely fly, and I know it. I have time now to sit down and write my thoughts about leaving this place down four months before I actually do. Bonaventure is technically in western New York. It’s snugged between Olean and Allegany. It’s a beautiful campus with only several dorms and even fewer academic buildings. It’s small, that’s for sure. My public high school is two times bigger than Bonaventure. But this place is special, and it has everything to do with the people. People talk about the family-like atmosphere, which is true. People care about each other here. You can’t walk five feet on campus without running into someone you know. It’s impossible. What should be a two-minute walk from the dining hall to the Reilly Center turns into a 10-minute one. Sophomore year I skipped a class because I ended up talking to someone for 15 minutes on the walk there, and didn’t want to show up too late. I’ve made my best friends at this university. I’ve had some of the best moments of my life at this university. And I know that I will have so many more during this last semester. Seniors, enjoy these next 16 weeks. Nothings ever going to be as sweet as this semester. My good friend Jack Dawson once said to a group of rich people on a gigantic ship to make each day count. We have 122 days; let’s make them count. Farewell to Bonaventure, the place I visited for the first time at age 17, and the place I will forever call home.

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