A completely, totally random playlist

It’s 2 a.m. right now, and I can’t fall asleep. I’m listening to iTunes on shuffle, so I figured I’d make a random playlist. Let’s see how this goes. Whatever song comes on shuffle will be included in the 23-song playlist. Enjoy.

1. Eminem – Say Goodbye to Hollywood

2. Oasis – Shakermaker

3. The Velvet Underground – After Hours

4. The Avett Brothers – Down With The Shine

5. Freddie Gibbs – Bitches, Dope, And Dollars

6. Neil Young – Cinnamon Girl

7. The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour

8. DMX – Prayer

9. Ben Lee – Begin

10. Eminem – Open Mic

11. Dashboard Confessional – The Swiss Army Romance

12. The Beatles – Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite

13. Smashing Pumpkins – Eye

14. Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools

15. Meat Loaf – Paradise By The Dashboard Light

16. Kanye West – Hell Of A Life

17. Cloud Nothings – Giving Into Seeing

18. The Beatles – Eight Days A Week

19. Childish Gambino – The Worst Guys

20. Sir Sly – Ghost

21. The Joy Formidable – Little Blimp

22. Neil Young – Helpless

23.The Rolling Stones – Under My Thumb

A somewhat random collection of musical artists. Maybe I’ll start making more playlist that shares some of the music I love.

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