Step 1: Passing the Permit Test

I’m not sure why but I felt this huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I know it’s no big deal to pass your permit test. Everybody does, and everybody does while their still in high school. Even I passed my initial permit test in high school. But taking the test SIX YEARS later brings pressure. I couldn’t possible fail at age 22, right? I studied and studied, and everybody kept on telling me it’s just common sense. But the pressure had still been there.

My sister took me to Island Ave. on Saturday morning. I only had to wait 15 minutes before my number, C-814, had been called. I walked over to lane 3, and gave all of the paperwork to this nice lady. She could tell I was nervous, and told me to come right back after I had passed. For some reason that gave me some much needed confidence. The first question had been a divided highway sign. Easy question, right? Well, I skipped it. I actually skipped the first seven questions just to see what type of questions I would be facing. The good thing about the permit test is you can skip any amount of questions, but you had to answer the skipped ones after. I ended up getting one question wrong, and I couldn’t even remember what question it had been when my sister asked. I was just so happy that I passed.

I gave my sister a thumbs up, while I waited for the nice lady to print out my permit. I actually worried that I’d fail the eye exam, even though I had been wearing my contacts. But fortunately I passed that without an issue. For the first time since April, 2011 I could legally operate a car (as long as a licensed driver over the age of 21 was also in the car). It’s been a long 39 months. Lots has happened since I last drove a car. I actually drove a car illegally in the summer of 2011 (sorry, Mom!) My friends Terry, Tim, Matteo and Kevin went to the movies in July, 2011. Matteo and Kevin wanted to see Transformers, but Tim, Terry and I wanted to see Bridesmaids. Kevin drove his car to Tim’s house, but we took Tim’s car to the movies. Bridesmaids, being a comedy, ended much earlier than Transformers, so Tim, Terry and I went back to Tim’s. Kevin left his keys (so, it’s basically his fault) at Tim’s. We thought it would be a good idea if I drove Kevin’s car to pick up Matteo and him. You should have seen Kevin’s face when I pulled up in his car. Totally shocked. Anyway, it’s been a really long time since I last had my permit. I went through the first three years of college not driving once. That changed Saturday July 19. Driving’s awesome. I really don’t know why I never got into it. I put on the radio, and of course one of my favorite bands, CHVRCHES, had been playing on 104.5. It felt great to drive just for 5 or so minutes, and I’m looking forward to learning more about driving in the next month before I go back to school. So many people have given me rides over the last six years, and now I can’t wait for the day when I can give them a ride.


P.S. I tried to book my driver’s test on Saturday afternoon. Many DMV’s in Delaware County and Philly are booked until freaking January 2015! Hopefully I’ll find somewhere, even if it’s in Bradford, PA (near St. Bonaventure), to schedule before September.


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