Palisades Park—Wish I Was Here

Counting Crows released a lyric video for their newest single “Palisades Park.” It’s quickly becoming my favorite song, and whenever I discover a new favorite song I play it constantly. I’m sure my family has already grown sick of hearing it from my bedroom. It’s a beautifully written song. Whenever Counting Crows perform a longer song in concert, the studio version is usually shorter. When they’re in concert they’ll play extended versions of songs of “Round Here”, “Goodnight Elisabeth” and “A Murder of One.” The music video to “Palisades Park” was released last Tuesday, and it was one of the better videos I’ve watched. You can check out here:

The video serves as a memory, and that memory begins with the opening trumpet for over a minute. The credits roll through, and all. Then, Adam Duritz begins telling this story of two friends growing up. It’s such a summer song, especially a summer song for college kids working full-time and not having the opportunity to head down the shore this summer.

“I used to dream in the dark, in Palisades Park
Up over the cliffs and down among the spark
It’s a long life full of long nights”

Adam sings the chorus only twice in the eight and half minute song. He goes on this fantastic free verse in the last three minutes. As I grow older, it’s an easily relatable song. I remember in middle school and high school going down the Jersey Shore. Before I could stay out as late as I wanted. Back when I had rules and regulations, and how I would do things that my parents wouldn’t approve, but I still did them for the thrill of it. It was growing up, and learning from your mistakes. It was thinking that you were on top of the world, and nothing could possibly take you down. I look back on these memories now. I try to replay them in my brain, but it’s tough sometimes because of how different I am today, and how it’s not as easily relatable as it once was. That’s what happens. Adam told us in “A Long December” to “hold on to these moments as they pass.” But that’s easier said then done. It’s easy to say that after the fact, but it’s hard to stop a moment and tell yourself to remember this moment now because you won’t be able to remember it tomorrow. In every Counting Crows song, Duritz teaches us something. Mainly about love and suffering since he has been through so much, and that’s how he expresses himself to the World.

Tomorrow the full Wish I Was Here album drops. The Shin’s “So Now What”, Cat Power & Coldplay’s “Wish I Was Here” and Bon Iver’s “Heavenly Father” have already been released, but the rest of this critically acclaimed album, including Radical Fact, more Bon Iver, Paul Simon, Badly Drawn Boy, The Weepies and The Head and The Heart will be available at midnight July 15. The movie debuts this Friday in the United States, and from what I’ve read is as every bit as good as Garden State. I mean Justin Vernon watched it, and was inspired by it he wrote the beautiful tune “Heavenly Father,” so I am expecting great stuff from Zach  Braff. I’ll see it, hopefully this weekend, and write some sort of review/recap.


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