Feature Stories

Maybe you’ve come across this page on accident, so please let me explain these stories. I’m a reporter in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. at The Saratogian. I cover local news and city happenings, but every once in a while I venture out and write feature pieces about impressive people in the community. Here are some favorites:


Porter turned five in the summer of 2017. Inspired by a former Noble Peace Prize Winner, Porter created Whole House. Months later she started collecting money to buy winter clothes for a homeless shelter.

Miguel Hoyos left Columbia for the United States decades ago. Soccer being his passion, he decided to coach. He ended up changing hundreds of lives, and not necessarily because of soccer. But because of how he carried himself on and off the field.

Four best friends finally star together in their last high school musical.

A brave eight-year-old girl’s life changed one October day. Her family, faced with a brand new problem, embrace their new life.


Pastors Drew and Heather created a program to help alcoholics find a relationship with a higher power.