NBA: Three free agent signings who have had success

December 9, 2013 I've been sick as of late. My goal, at the beginning of the season, had been to publish weekly NBA content. That hasn't been the case, but I'll do my best to keep up with content. A month into the season, the Portland Trailblazers have been the most pleasant surprise, while either [...]

Opinion: Iverson changed the NBA culture

Opinion No. 5Allen Iverson retired from the National Basketball Association (NBA) recently. Drafted in 1996 by the Philadelphia 76ers, Iverson played until 2010.Iverson not only built a Hall of Fame career, but he changed the culture of the NBA.Tattoos, cornrows and a me-first attitude fit Iverson. Early 2000s basketball fans knew Iverson because of those [...]

Interns should be paid

By Joseph Phelan...Opinion Writing 411.01 Interns, like employees, work for companies.Some companies, however, view interns as serfs.If you hire interns, pay them.Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because students need any help they can receive.Each year students accept unpaid internships under different circumstances.Not everybody can afford an unpaid internship, but some schools [...]

August and Everything After… 20 years later

The Counting Crows released my favorite album titled August and Everything After 20 years ago. Although I was nearly 16-months old, this album is forever special to me. This 11-track masterpiece launched Adam Duritz’ career. He became a star after Geffen Records debuted the album. Duritz wanted “A Murder of One” to be the No. 1 [...]