I didn’t grow up skateboarding. I flirted with longboarding for a year in college as a failed try to be cool. I did have a skateboard, some piece of wood branded with a 90’s television character, at age seven. One day I took it to the nearby park (Shout out Ardmore Avenue). Some teenager asked [...]

Powdered Doughnuts

The boy stands up straight like always. His father says doing so exudes confidence. It’s the fifth day of sixth grade, and that’s when confidence is needed most, especially with Aidan lurking. Despite a slouch, Aidan grazed over Tommy by inches. Nobody would have blamed Tommy if he avoided him altogether. After all, Baker Middle [...]

Searching: Beware of Spoilers

It’s a daring debut for 27-year-old ex-Google commercial creator Aneesh Chaganty. Initially meant to be an eight-minute ad for Google about a family’s history on the screen of a home computer turned into one of the more impressive movies of 2018. After realizing his vision could turn into a feature film, Chaganty quit the comfort [...]

And another one but at least the 76ers will be on TV

It's never the same time of year. It's sometimes the same injury. Top draft picks for the 76ers miss games their rookie season. Zhaire Smith became the latest victim to one of the stranger curses in basketball, fracturing his foot earlier this week. Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid were hurt when the 76ers drafted them. [...]

Hall of Fame

Allen Iverson stood tall, emulating a larger than life figure. The barely six-foot guard entered the basketball Hall of Fame two years ago, becoming the first childhood icon of mine to achieve the ultimate honor. Saturday night a second childhood icon will enter the Hall of Fame. He played with intensity, passion and embodied the [...]

Defending Super Bowl Champions

Watching the Eagles win the Super Bowl serves as the best sports moment of my life. At times, it doesn’t possibly feel like it happened, even if I’ve watched Corey Clement stiff-arm, Brandon Graham strip sack and Nick Foles catch a pass, dozens and dozens and dozens of times. With training camp in the fold, [...]

Eighth Grade (the movie… not the year 2007)

Spoilers ahead. I suggest seeing this movie before reading. It's a masterpiece. I’m a sucker for coming of age stories. It doesn’t matter if it’s a movie or a novel. There’s something poetic about stories that center on discovering oneself at that age, or at least begin to discover. Eighth Grade does just that. It’ll [...]