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I write about the Eagles, 76ers, movies, music and frankly whatever the hell I feel like.

Hall of Fame

Allen Iverson stood tall, emulating a larger than life figure. The barely six-foot guard entered the basketball Hall of Fame two years ago, becoming the first childhood icon of mine to achieve the ultimate honor. Saturday night a second childhood icon will enter the Hall of Fame. He played with intensity, passion and embodied the…

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Defending Super Bowl Champions

Watching the Eagles win the Super Bowl serves as the best sports moment of my life. At times, it doesn’t possibly feel like it happened, even if I’ve watched Corey Clement stiff-arm, Brandon Graham strip sack and Nick Foles catch a pass, dozens and dozens and dozens of times. With training camp in the fold,…

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A Disappointing Summer?

It’s always been two summers. Philadelphia had a chance to add a max guy this year, but failed to sign LeBron James, or trade for Kawhi Leonard. Next summer will be Philadelphia’s last opportunity to sign or trade for a marquee player with cap space. Ben Simmons and Dario Saric will have to be paid.…

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76ers Summer

NBA Summer League for the 76ers begins Friday night against the ever familiar Boston Celtics. In previous summers watching rookies like Jahlil Okafor and Ben Simmons play could be categorized as the highlight of the actual season. It’s different now, after winning 52 games, but there are three first rounders, all guards, the 76ers drafted…

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