Lean on Pete – Yes, there are spoilers.

It wasn’t about the relationship with the horse. It was never about that. Charley needed somebody, anybody. It’s lonely, his life. He has his dad. He never knew his mom. He has an aunt, too, but he hasn’t seen her in years after Charley’s father, Ray, and her had a falling out. He had friends, but they were back in Spokane, Washington. At fifteen, he was anxious to begin school that fall, to play football and meet new friends in Portland where he and his father just moved. A racetrack appeared one morning as Charley ran, which soon became a place of intrigue, excitedly telling his father about his discovery over breakfast with Ray and Ray’s one-night stand.

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Not Much Is Better Than Music: A Playlist

It’s always refreshing to hear new music. During college I tried to expose myself to new artists on a regular basis. For an unexplainable reason I lost that briefly. This year I’ve reverted in a major way, discovering the likes of Caroline Rose, MorMor and Let’s Eat Grandma.

There’s nothing like hearing a song that makes you feel more alive. It’s usually what I search for as I browse the songs Spotify recommends for me. I want to feel more alive as I drive a repaired Honda Civic, and as I run in gray Nikes. Here are fifteen songs I’ve heard this year that provide that feeling.

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76ers Summer

NBA Summer League for the 76ers begins Friday night against the ever familiar Boston Celtics. In previous summers watching rookies like Jahlil Okafor and Ben Simmons play could be categorized as the highlight of the actual season. It’s different now, after winning 52 games, but there are three first rounders, all guards, the 76ers drafted in the past few years that’ll play in Las Vegas, which makes this particular league fascinating. Will Zhaire Smith handle the ball more than he did during his lone season at Texas Tech? How will Landry Shamet defend NBA-level players? What has Furkan Korkmaz learned from his rookie season?

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The Five Movies of 2018 I Enjoyed Most (So Far)

Typically, I do this careful exercise at the end of the year. But, thanks to Movie Pass, I’ve already watched close to 20 movies (even Uncle Drew) this year. Somehow, begrudgingly, I missed You Were Never Really Here. Outside of that blunder, I’ve seen all sorts of movies ranging from Game Night and Isle of Dogs to Incredibles 2 and Tully.
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“We Are Star Hunting…”

Brett Brown inspired a ton of confidence during his presser following the first round of the 2018 NBA Draft Thursday night. “We are star hunting,” said the man who couldn’t foresee being in this position five weeks ago. In what’s most likely his only draft as “final decision-maker” for the 76ers, Brown made a statement, trading the tenth overall pick, Villanova-own Mikal Bridges, to Phoenix for Zhaire Smith and an unprotected 2021 Miami Heat first-round pick. 

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General 76ers Thoughts

I’ll try to make a concerted effort to write often about the 76ers in the coming weeks. This off-season, for a team with six draft picks and cap flexibility, has a monumental sense of importance. It could be helpful to have a general manager in charge, but there really wasn’t much of an option. Moving forward with everybody but Bryan Colangelo, with head coach Brett Brown leading the way, made the most sense until free agency is completed. Although different from draft nights in the recent years, Thursday night has a considerable amount of hype building up for the 76ers. Having the 10th pick, along with an additional first rounder and four second-round draft picks, creates a rather busy Thursday night. There’s a slim chance all six picks become players for the 76ers Thursday night, instead trading a couple seconds for future seconds, or attaching the second first-round pick with Jerryd Bayless could be possibilities. There’s this rumor that Philadelphia wants a top-five pick, but for sanity sake, let’s assume the 76ers do not trade the 10th overall pick Thursday night.

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