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I write about the Eagles, 76ers, movies, music and frankly whatever the hell I feel like.

Jimmy Buckets

It’sa fresh start for Jimmy Butler in Philadelphia. Nobody cares what happened inChicago and Minnesota if Butler plays hard, gels with his teammates and helps lead the 76ers deep into the postseason. To give the 76ers a chance. Butler said all of the right things during Tuesday’s press conference. He spoke highly of Joel Embiid…

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What They Had (Spoilers, of course!)

It’s a story that’s been told before: a disease enters a dysfunctional family. Let’s see how its handled. There’s something different about Elizabeth Chomko’s directing and writing debut. It tells a story about a mother suffering Alzheimer, a father in deep denial of it and two adult children in polar opposite situations. It’s a wonderfully…

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Jimmy Butler, a 76er

On the same day Doug Pederson accepted the head coaching job with the Philadelphia Eagles, Jimmy Butler dropped 53 points, with the Chicago Bulls, on the Philadelphia 76ers. That was January 2016. In the midst of a 10-win 76ers season. Before Dario Saric came over. Before Sam Hinkie was forced to resign. Before Carson Wentz…

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I didn’t grow up skateboarding. I flirted with longboarding for a year in college as a failed try to be cool. I did have a skateboard, some piece of wood branded with a 90’s television character, at age seven. One day I took it to the nearby park (Shout out Ardmore Avenue). Some teenager asked…

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Philadelphia broke out at the tail end of last season, ending the year with 16 straight wins. It seemed too good to be true. Things faded in the playoffs, of course. Boston exposed Ben Simmons. Joel Embiid appeared out of shape. Markelle Fultz didn’t play a minute in the second round near sweep. The optimism…

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Powdered Doughnuts

The boy stands up straight like always. His father says doing so exudes confidence. It’s the fifth day of sixth grade, and that’s when confidence is needed most, especially with Aidan lurking. Despite a slouch, Aidan grazed over Tommy by inches. Nobody would have blamed Tommy if he avoided him altogether. After all, Baker Middle…

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Searching: Beware of Spoilers

It’s a daring debut for 27-year-old ex-Google commercial creator Aneesh Chaganty. Initially meant to be an eight-minute ad for Google about a family’s history on the screen of a home computer turned into one of the more impressive movies of 2018. After realizing his vision could turn into a feature film, Chaganty quit the comfort…

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Big Red Machine

Meaningful music happens whenever Justin Vernon has his hands involved in a project. It’s just the way it is. There are certain artists that I have gravitated towards, and Vernon ranks at the top. Lyrically, Vernon always crushes it. He puts you in a sobering mood filled with thoughts about all sorts of things. He…

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Buck Mountain

Memorial Day Weekend I decided to make the short drive to the beginning of the Adirondacks for a hike. I only hiked a few times before, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to get into, and why not take advantage of the relative short distance to Lake George and beyond. It wasn’t a long hike,…

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