Philadelphia 76ers schedule release

Believe it or not, Philadelphia plays every team in the NBA this year! Obviously the schedule release is fun for competitive teams who want to see how many games they’ll play on national television, but for 76ers’ fans we just hope for a game on NBATV, and/or maybe TNT. Philly plays TWO games on NBATV this season, but zero on ESPN/TNT/ABC. They’ll play the Dallas Mavericks on November 29, and the Orlando Magic on December 21 on NBATV. Exciting stuff, really. Jrue Holiday, Andrew Bynum and Nick Young played in Philadelphia last year for their returns against their former club. This year we will see Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner and (possibly) Thaddeus Young return to Philadelphia. Well, Turner played in Philadelphia as a member of the Indiana Pacers last March (he made a basket in 21 minutes! Go Evan). But he’s playing for the Boston Celtics now. Since I’m away at school for 80 percent of the season, who Philly plays at home during winter break is absolutely crucial. The past three seasons Philly has been on some sort of west coast road trip in December/January. I’m going to share the most anticipated Philly games of the 2014-2015, and also the three games I plan to attend over my winter break:

Most anticipated games:

Wednesday October 29 at. Indiana Pacers 7 P.M. Noel’s debut 

The season opener will also be Nerlens Noel and the rest of the rookies’ debut. And what better way to begin the season against the two-time defending Eastern Conference runner-ups who will be without two of their top players from those teams.

Saturday November 1 vs. Miami Heat 7 P.M.  Home Opener 

Hopefully Nerlens Noel can put up a near quadruple-double like Michael Carter-Williams did in his home debut against Miami last season. It would’ve been fun for Noel to open up his Philly debut against LeBron James, but facing Chris Bosh should be fun.

Monday January 5 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers 7 P.M. LeBron’s lone trip 

Philly plays Cleveland three times this year, but once in Philadelphia. I’m sure this game will be one of the three, or so, sellouts of the year.

Friday February 6 at Boston Celtics 7:30 P.M. Noel returns home 

Nerlens wanted to make his NBA debut last April in Boston, but this season Noel will play his first game in Boston on Super Bowl weekend.

Friday March 27 vs. Los Angeles Clippers 7 P.M. Spencer’s Return 

C’mon, Spencer Hawes returns to Philadelphia.

Monday April 13 vs. Milwaukee Bucks 7 P.M.

The second to last game of the season could be gigantic. Maybe it’ll be Milwaukee and Philly fighting for an eight seed, or maybe not.

Three games I want to see over winter break: 

December 19 against the Charlotte Hornets

January 5 against the Cleveland Cavaliers

January 16 (my half birthday) against the New Orleans Pelicans

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