falling short

it happens from time to time. you open your eyes to look around and see where you are in this world. you feel like you figured it all out. i mean you’ve been alive for 21 years, and you’ve seen your fair share of life. but when you look around, you are surprised to what you see. you see pain. you see failure. you see disappointment. you see all of the times you were wrong even though you thought you were right. you never even realize you took the wrong path. i mean you don’t really drift off too far. it’s just every decision you made. every class you skipped. every drink you drank. every lie you told. it catches up to you, and you see where you went wrong. sometimes things have to happen for you to realize you have been falling short lately. it could be a sudden death to someone you love or a tough break up. but something triggers you inside. gives you a slap in the face. a wake up call to figure shit out. to change. i mean you don’t have to be who you were. you are supposed to change organically. you’re supposed to grow up, and do different things. but you are also supposed to remember who you were before, and who you already have in your life. your family, your friends, your memories. everything that you ever experience shapes you. i mean how else are you supposed to learn about life? you can read what you want, you can watch what you want, you can listen to what you want, but life’s experiences outweigh everything. the only way to be a better person is to act like a better person, and it all begins with you.

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