The five best childhood games

I don’t know if children play these games anymore. I know the internet is big nowadays. Children want to use their iPad or parent’s iPad to play Angry Birds or something. I don’t know if children play outside anymore since I only see college students during the year. But hopefully I can take you on a trip down memory lane.

Here are my five favorite childhood games (in no particular order)

Wallball-If you had a tennis ball, you automatically played wallball with your friends. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I probably have the weakest arm in the world, but wallball was always my favorite game to play. Wallball required some skill, but you could still win based off luck. You never wanted to be that guy who was eliminated by the double bounce. You just looked like an idiot.

Wiffle ball-I pray to God children still play Wiffle ball. If they don’t, our future has been ruined. My backyard, for some reason, was the spot to play wiffle ball even though it’s about 30 feet. A reason why my backyard was used for wiffle ball had to do with my neighbors fence/pond. We used to call it McCovey Cove. We would play 2-on-2, and have a mini league. Those were some great memories.

Bike races-I see children riding bikes, but I think children use bikes strictly to get from point A to point B. “Hey, mom I’m gonna ride my bike to Tommy’s house so I can play PS6.” Yeah, that sort of thing. I remember in middle school I would race my Diamondback Viper X around the neighborhood with my friends. Some of my best childhood memories took place riding the streets of Drexel Hill.

Kick the Can- Please tell me this game still exists. I never played this with my friends. I only played this with my cousins. But from what I remember it was the best game of all time. Kick the Can is a game of skill, strategy and slyness. It incorporated hide and seek, capture the flag and tag all in one! It was like the ultimate trio at Applebee’s.

Four Square- Four Square reminds me of 3rd grade. We played Four Square during each recess that year. Four Square tested your hand-eye coordination. Four Square is a fairly popular game to this day. There’s a championship each year, which is kind of intense. Mark Pryor has won the last three Four Square championships (I guess a congratulations goes out to him?)

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