Imperial Railway

I’m gonna try something new. I’ll introduce you to a new band weekly. How I discover these bands varies, but all through the powerful internet. This band happened to be found by my friend Karly. She messaged me today on Facebook about these guys. Fortunately, Imperial Railway has a “name your price” album on band camp. If you add music tonight, add this album titled “a young cliff diver”. It’s fantastic. It has seven tracks, and each has something different to offer. Imperial Railway released the album last February. They are a Pittsburgh-area indie band. Imperial Railway’s tag line is, “haunting rock with a guitar-heavy sound.” Check out there Facebook page or website for showtimes and additional information about the band.

Imperial Railway has some great lyrics. An example of their lyricism can be found in the elephant.

Dead Fruit has a much more rock feel to it. I’ll share a recording of that song, so you can experience it yourself.

Imperial Railway will definitely be added to the Buzz rotation. A goal of mine this semester is to add a new artist a week, and then briefly profile them on my blog.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else Imperial Railway can come with, and I’m disappointed I only found out about them nearly a year after “a young cliff diver” had been released. But props to Karly for helping me out. She’s great.

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